Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Its official

As of today, I have informed my employer and co-workers that my last day on the job will be March 26, 2010. This morning the bf also informed them that he was leaving. I think that next month will involve us traveling a bit. I'm thinking the Grand Canyon, Phoenix, San Diego, LA, and San Francisco. Maybe doing a bit of the Northwest. I'm nervous and excited.

Friday, March 05, 2010

To Buy or Not to Buy

This weekend I'm headed out to look at apartments and houses and condos. I'm in a weird place right now given the fuzziness with my job situation -- I kind of have a job, but not really. I'm debating about whether to buy or rent. Here's my options:

1) rent a nice 2-3 bedroom apartment (dishwasher, washer/dryer hookups, garage, central air) for about $750-$1000 in a fun/good area.

2) buy a 3 bedroom house in a good school district (but not really fun area) for $200,000-$250,000.

3) buy a 2 bedroom condo (maintenance fee of $150/month) in a good area that's close to the fun area for about $115,000.

I have enough money for a good downpayment on either of the purchasing options, and the tax credit seems like an awesome deal (especially for the condos), but I'm not sure I want to be locked into a condo and I'm not sure I'm financially in a position to purchase a house before the end of April.

So I guess I'll see what I see. Anyone have any thoughts?

Thursday, March 04, 2010

I'm blind

Yesterday, I went to the eye doctor. Nothing terribly unusual there. I go once a year. I went to the same doctor I had gone to the year before. I knew that my vision had gotten worse.

As the title of this post indicates, I'm blind. My old perscription was a -9.0, and things had gotten pretty fuzzy (at least on the left side). When I told my doctor this, I got a 20 minute lecture on how I was too old for my eyes to still be growing (and getting worse), and that I wasn't really more blind that I had been before, and that she wasn't going to increase my perscription even though I wanted her to. I looked at her dubiously and told her, "Whatever, but you're fuzzy and you are sitting 2 feet from me." This launched her into another diatribe about how I wasn't gonna get a higher perscription out of her.

Then she did my vision test.

I walked out of there with a -9.5 lens in my right eye and a -10.0 in my left. She blamed my vision change on birth control. I blame it on practicing law.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Of drug tests and physicals

After a weekend of excitment (how times have changed when outlet mall shopping, a nice dinner, and a baby shower with old friends can be considered excitment), I came back to the real world of Chicago. Yesterday, I received a letter telling me the location of the medical facility for my physical as required for my potential future job.

This morning, I called to schedule my phyical, the phyical that is required before I can find out my start date or salary for potential future job. I thought - no big deal. But it is- next appointment date=APRIL 29. That's right, I'm left in limbo land for approximately 2 months. While I'm not terribly concerned about the physical, I am slightly worried. As you know, my elbow injury has left me with some limitations on my range of motion, and this has the potential to be a problem for potential future job. Also, apparently gall bladder disease can occasionally be a problem (and we all know that I no longer have a gall bladder).

This leaves me with a number of questions. Do I apply for other jobs (seems like a bad idea cause it might piss people off, including my references, since I already provisionally accepted potential future job)? What date do I decide for my last day at this one (oh I wish you were tomorrow finish date)? Should I go ahead and rent an apartment in the STL starting in April (my lease here ends at the end of March) or should I try to talk my landlord into an extra month?

On better news, I had my drug test today. That's a weird experience. They lock your purse in a cabinet, and your coat outside the door. No flushing or washing your hands until the person comes back.