Sunday, July 20, 2008

I hate the new Microsoft stuff

A couple months ago, I bought a new laptop. After having major problems with converting a Microsoft Works document into Wordperfect (I work for the federal government so everything is in Wordperfect at work), I decided to upgrade to Word. Luckily I had no problem installing Word (the guys at Best Buy warned me that I might need a patch cause apparently Word doesn't recognize one of the versions of Works). Then I started using the Word 2007.

I hate the ribbon. I can't find any of the commands I normally use. I can't figure out how to turn on view codes. I'm annoyed that I had trouble finding Times New Roman (well, it took me a couple minutes). I don't care that the new default font is "easier on the eye" - everything I write for work has to be in Times. Its what people expect in my field.

I want the old Word back! I didn't switch to Apple cause I didn't want to have to learn a new user interface, and now I'm being forced to learn one by Microsoft. Why isn't there an option to view Word in the old user interface (also, I hate the new Internet Explorer on Vista - much harder to use the find in a document feature - which I use constantly on Westlaw!)

So annoyed (although my annoyance could be caused by the fact that I'm working from home on a weekend cause I have to make up for the stupid flight situation last Monday).


ダニエル said...

YES! I work for a company in Chicago, and they just gave me a new laptop, with the updated Microsoft stuff, and I HATE IT!!!!

I can't find how to "freeze panes" in Excel.

WHy do they do this/1?!/1

Alex said...

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