Tuesday, February 09, 2010


Whenever people asked me why I was moving to Chicago, I always told them that I wanted "to see if I could." That's a stupid reason. Don't get me wrong - I've gotten a lot out of my move to Chicago.

With the dark overtone of my previous post, I must say that there are parts of Chicago I love. I've enjoyed explored a new place. I've eaten at fantastic restaurants. I love being able to walk to all kinds of wonderful places. I love the variety of music venues and artists that the city attracts. I love the fact that on any spring or summer weekend there is a music festival, street fair, or art fair somewhere in the city. I love that I walk to work. I love that my brother and his family are a 45 minute train or car ride away. I love the smell of the chocolate factory and the way it feels like home. I love the potential.

I love Lakeshore Drive and the view from the top of the Hancock. I love free outdoor ice skating. I love Ann Sather cinnamon rolls and stuffed dates at Avec. I love th skyline.

Its nice to visit, but I'm ready to be just comfortable again.

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