Thursday, March 04, 2010

I'm blind

Yesterday, I went to the eye doctor. Nothing terribly unusual there. I go once a year. I went to the same doctor I had gone to the year before. I knew that my vision had gotten worse.

As the title of this post indicates, I'm blind. My old perscription was a -9.0, and things had gotten pretty fuzzy (at least on the left side). When I told my doctor this, I got a 20 minute lecture on how I was too old for my eyes to still be growing (and getting worse), and that I wasn't really more blind that I had been before, and that she wasn't going to increase my perscription even though I wanted her to. I looked at her dubiously and told her, "Whatever, but you're fuzzy and you are sitting 2 feet from me." This launched her into another diatribe about how I wasn't gonna get a higher perscription out of her.

Then she did my vision test.

I walked out of there with a -9.5 lens in my right eye and a -10.0 in my left. She blamed my vision change on birth control. I blame it on practicing law.

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Amanda said...

That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Too old for your eyes to be getting worse? Isn't that what happens when you get old?!

I just had my prescription updated a few months ago and I heard no such nonsense from doctor. I say switch.