Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Always wear clean underware, you never know when you will have to go to the emergency room

and you really don't want to go to the ER when you aren't wearing any at all. On Sunday afternoon, I had my first bike crash. I got distracted, was slightly off course, overcompensated and panicked causing a crash. I landed on my face and elbow. Oddly enough, I hadn't been listening to my ipod (i almost always do when biking) and I hadn't brought my cell phone (I always do). Luckily, "Brother Tim" came along (God was watching out for me), asked me if I was alright and then called 911. He stayed with me in the 100 degree heat while we waited for the ambulance to find us. He got me to sit in the shade and fed me water as I moaned and cursed under my breathe (I'm still feeling bad about all the "god damnits" he had to hear.

10 hours later, I left the hospital with a "fractured radial head" (broken elbow), high on morphine, with a cast, sling and prescription for Oxycontin. The hospital staff was fantastic (I feel terrible for screaming during the ex rays and needing to be held down) even if they couldn't decide if I needed surgery so kept me there hungry and thirsty extra long. After seeing a specialist today, I know its "s really bad fracture" and we are taking a wait and see approach. He's not sure that he can help me with surgery, but he knows he can make it worse. So it looks like no running, biking or rock climbing for me for at least a couple months.

Typing is difficult cause I can only use my left hand so i may not write much for the next couple months. Just thought you all would want to know what's up.


Cathy said...

OH MY GOD!! So sorry to hear about your accident!! Hope you're healing up well and that the morphine is oh-so good to you.

Elisabeth said...

That blows. I broke my elbow in Kenya during a bike accident and it still isn't right. :( Enjoy the painkillers!