Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Today, I had my "see" appointment following my week of "waiting." Unfortunately, the news is not good. They took two sets of ex rays, one set with the splint and one set without. The set without was incredibly painful again because they needed me to twist my elbow "to the point that I could endure." That's not really a phrase that you want to hear from a doctor, and so I'm back on the narcotics for the first time since Wednesday night. So yeah, the bone fragments had moved, and not in a good way. My doc got this really concerned look as he examined the ex rays, and then called in one of his partners to consult. She's a nationally renowned elbow surgeon, and she took one look and said this needs surgery.

In that moment I got myself a new doctor. She scheduled me for surgery next Monday. They are hoping to only have screw the bone back together and not have to give me a replacement tip. If they can screw it in, then it will be an outpatient procedure, if not I might get to enjoy the wonderful hospitality of Barnes. They say I'll be taking at least a week off of work afterward, can plan on another two weeks in the splint (until surgery and a week after surgery), and it will be at least 3 months post surgery before I'm back to normal.

The good news/bad news is that I am approved to ride the recumbent bike and only the recumbent bike at the gym for the near future. The doc doesn't want me doing anything where I could trip and fall until probably 6 weeks post-op so no running, walking, elliptical or real bike for quite a long time. Being inactive this week has driven me NUTS! As you all know, I'm a very active person. Being slothful has made me moody and depressed. Not only am I concerned about gaining weight because I'm not working out six days a week, but I can't handle the moodiness. I need my endorphins hit!

I'll keep you all updated.

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Cathy said...

Hey.. uh, hospital stays aren't so, uh.. bad. Sometimes hanging out in a hospital all day everyday is, uh.. cool. :)
Best of luck, though! I'm rooting for you!!!