Monday, June 09, 2008

things are coming together

I don't admit it often, but I'm superstitious. I believe in Fate. I tend to believe that things happen for a reason and that if a seemingly difficult and murky path suddenly becomes clear and obvious - I'm on the right track. I think this belief has influenced some of my romantic decisions, and I know its influenced some of my life choices (um - my law school=the best one I got into AND the one that gave me the most money, this job, my next job, my current living situation, my last living situation, leaving college early, etc.)

Anyway, over the weekend something fortuitous happened. One of my two friends in Chicago is officially moving to New York for 9 months, starting in September. Now on first glance, this seems like bad news or scary news, but its not. My friend and her fiance own a two bedroom condo in Lincoln Park in Chicago. My friend is not quiting her job for the move to New York, but is instead, going to continue working for the Chicago office of a law firm while "on loan" to the New York office. This means that she will have to come back to Chicago often. It also means that they can't rent out their condo to strangers while they are gone. So, it means that a lovely two bedroom condo would be mostly sitting (fully furnished and) vacant from late August to May. A lovely two bedroom condo that is three blocks from the Brown line (the line that goes most directly to the stop closest to work for me). I think I've solved my living situation problem.

It seems like fate, and it makes me feel better about my future in Chicago. We haven't worked out the details - in fact things are still very much in the "this might work" phase. I'll probably have a great place to live, in a great location, and not have to buy furniture for 9 months till I figure out what I want to do. I'll probably have a great deal on rent (since my friend will be back often and need share the condo with me). I'll be able to pay off debt and save money for a down payment.

I love it when things fall into place.

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