Thursday, September 28, 2006


So, my last post was all about how much I love my job, and I do love my job. But, right now I'm a little bored. The nature of what I do is that sometimes there is a ton of work and sometimes there is literally nothing. I went to work this morning thinking I had nothing to do, and I got lucky - my boss had something kinda major she wanted me to do and then an emergency issue came up. Plus my boss is interviewing for a new hire so I got to talk to a bunch of random nervous people. So I shouldn't have been bored, but I am.

I've exhausted most of my methods of entertaining myself at work. I've read all of my friends blogs, I'm updated on my news, and I'm well aware of how my sports teams are doing. I've also managed to listen to a good portion of the music on my ipod. It also should be noted that I am somewhat limited on what I can do on my work computer - because big brother is always watching. I don't want to look at anything (now don't think dirty, for me this also means extremely political/potentially offensive item) that might get me or my boss in trouble. Plus, I'm not allowed to talk on im or check my home email.

Anybody have any suggestions on entertaining myself?

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