Sunday, October 01, 2006


Tonight I went to services for Yom Kippur with my mother and grandmother (even though neither my mom nor I am Jewish, but that's a post for another day). Essentially the message tonight was about how we should stop focusing on the negative, stopping complaining, and start seeing all the positive things in our lives. I think this was a pretty good message for me. No more whining about being bored at work, no more complaint really. My life is pretty damn great. I have wonderful friends, a job I genuinely enjoy, and a family (that though occassionally disfunctional) truely loves each other. I really couldn't be more blessed. So, for this week I intend to make a good effort to complain as little as possible. Sometimes I think that Judiasm really gets things right - religious services can sometimes just give me exactly the spiritual thing I am looking for at a given time.

I think that occasionally we all need to hear the "stop bitching now" speech. Its also funny because immediately following the delivery of that message, I got to hear my mom, grandma, great-aunt and second cousin all complain about the Rosh Hashanah services the previous weekend. This following immediately the discussion of how good the message was this week. Amazing...

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