Monday, November 13, 2006

personal trainer

So tomorrow I have my first session with a new personal trainer. I have to admit that the sessions with the last guy didn't go so well. First of all, he immediately insulted me when after being told I am an attorney, he proceeded to ask me if my job involves "doing the filing." No, asshole, I'm not a secretary with a very expensive degree. I'm not knocking secretaries. I think what they do is very important, but, that's not what I do. He then followed this up by telling me that he thought the way I started to run was kind of stupid. If I remember correctly, he told me, "If I want to do something, I just do it." He couldn't understand why anyone would not be able to just be able to run 3 miles. He honestly couldn't relate to me at all. It didn't sit well with me that he couldn't understand where I was coming from. Now, I'm in far better shape now than I once was, but this made me realize that he couldn't remotely relate or understand someone who had once been more than forty pounds overweight. That's not something I need in my life. Plus, what kind of trainer thinks that the appropriate method of training is to just go all out, even if you aren't in the physical condition to do so. That's just courting injury!

So tomorrow is session one with new trainer. I think part of me is hoping I dislike him just as much. In that case, I wouldn't have any problem not signing up for more sessions when my current batch expire. Its expensive, and I have no problem getting myself to do cardio (now weight training is entirely another story). So let's see...

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