Thursday, January 25, 2007

and I left my shoes at home

So yesterday I had a great run with a guy who has sort of become my friend. He and I sort of dated for a little bit and then he just wanted to be friends. So far so good on the friends front - not something I do very often. We met up at the history museum and then went from there. We ended up running a trail that was entirely new to me, probably about 4 miles. It took us 40 minutes and it had plenty of hills. He certainly pushed me to go faster than I normally would have on all of those hills, and there were only a couple times when I had to tell him that I couldn't keep up. All in all it was a pretty good run on a nice evening. I look forward to having more runs like that in the future.

Tonight I was supposed to get two more miles in. I was completely prepared. Even though my iPod wasn't working (don't worry, I took it to the ipod store, the guy flipped the hold button like 8 times and then it worked fine), I borrowed a shuffle from a friend and was totally ready to go...until I started to get dressed and realized I didn't have any shoes. That's right - I had brought two sets of clothing, had gone to the trouble of borrowing that shuffle and couldn't run for my wonderful forgetfulness and the fact that my shoes were sitting on the kitchen floor.

I'm gonna try to get my two miles in tonight after I pick up my best friend at the airport.

Weight (home-scale): 157.5
Miles yesterday: about 4
Miles to run today: 2

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