Sunday, May 18, 2008

I feel like I stuck my face in a cat

Yeah, I know that phrase doesn't make much sense unless you know about my allergies. Ug...cats and the eye itches.

Anyway, on Friday, I came down with "Kristin's plague" - well, that's what we're calling it around here. She had it first and gave it to the rest of us, so it gets her name. My throat itched; my head hurt; I coughed; I sneezed. It sucked. Yesterday evening I started feeling better. The headache went away.

Today I woke up feeling almost good. My headache was completely gone, and the amount of gunk in my throat seemed remarkably diminished. Plus the weather outside was perfect. So, I decided to go for a long bike ride out on the Katy trail. I was hoping to ride for between 3-5 hours. Let's just say, that didn't happen. I made it about 2 hours instead. By 40 minutes into the ride, I wanted to start scratching my eye balls out. Even though we've had an abnormally large amount of rain, the trail was dusty and buggy and full of pollen. My eyes ached by the time I had gone for an hour. I stopped, rinsed my heads, and then tried to rinse my eyes. It helped a little.

Then I decided today was a day to cut it short (well, shorter) and head back at that point. By the time I got to the car, I was dying for relief. Luckily I had napkins in the car. I doused them with water from my water bottle and did my best to clean out my eyes.

When I got home, I immediately took out my contacts - BLISS!

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