Wednesday, May 07, 2008

I wonder what a palm reader would say about me now

I've had my palm read twice in my life. Once was on a bus in Vietnam - by a girl who wasn't a professional. I liked what she told me -- I would be rich (not my parents, not my spouse, but me), I would have one great love, and I would have the opportunity to travel for work.

The second one was at a bar in this city. She guessed that I was in a creative field (she was SHOCKED I was a lawyer) and predicted I would be changing career directions in the near future.

Both of them remarked on how smooth my hands were (yeah, I guess I'm not used to manual labor).

I wonder what the would say if they saw my hands now. My hands can no longer be regarded as smooth. As my friend Jenny said - no boy wants to hold my hand. The rock climbing has left me with torn calluses, ripped up fingers, and short jagged nails. I'm proud of my hands now.

Then, there's the fact that I can't turn my right hand over (stupid broken elbow). I wonder what that would tell a palm reader...Maybe when I'm in the 'burg I should go to the scary palm reader place and find out.

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Cathy said...

OOo, the one on Richmond road? Madam.. somebody? I always wanted to go to her. I went once in with my mom at the beach. It was just before I was going to quit my job, move to a new city and start a completely new career path and get serious about my relationship. She said -- "I see no changes in the future for you. I see you making a life where you are now with the things you have." My eight ball saw the whole thing coming. Huh. And she didn't say I had soft hands. It was only $5.