Thursday, May 15, 2008


"You're probably jogging right now, but..." Why did this question bother me so much? My friend certainly didn't mean to insult me when he left me this message yesterday. He was just trying to tell me where to meet him after I got done with my run. I'm sure he wasn't consciously thinking that I am a jogger rather than a runner, but ouch.

I'm not a jogger. I don't really know anyone who goes out for a "jog." I think that perhaps people who only run during other sporting activities think of slow running as jogging. I don't really know any runners that do. Jogging isn't really trying. Its bouncing, lumbering. Its certainly not steady. Its not getting your heart rate to 190 bpms. Its not racing. Its not what you do at a 5k, a half marathon, a marathon, or even a training run. Its not even what you do on a short recovery run. Jogging is not what you do to recover from an injury.

Yeah, I'm slow. My half marathon was slower than the fast people's full marathon. Running a mile in 12 minutes is an achievement for me. Hills hurt, and they make me slower. Three miles has been a long run lately.

Still, don't refer to my runs as jogs. I don't jog. I run.

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