Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Running Under the Arch

Today for the first time, I ran under the arch. I've never run downtown (well, outside a race) before. It was pretty amazing. I ran from work to the arch and then around the arch grounds and then back to work. The garmin was great - I knew I had gotten my three miles in, and I know what my pace was. What was particularly interesting was stop lights. Most of my running routes do not involve many stop lights. In the city today, I hit pretty much every light until I got to the Arch grounds.

Running on the ground themselves was pretty amazing. I was surprised at the number of runners I saw (I left work at 4 for my run). It was fun to see all the tourists wondering around the grounds. As I started my last mile, I decided to run down the arch steps to the river and back up.

I was actually pretty sore from my Monday run/training session with a friend. She's certified as a personal trainer, and if she lets you work out with her, you get free training. I hate squats, but man, are they good for me.

So, I was kind of slow, but I'm still recovering. Plus downtown is surprisingly hilly.

Miles: 3
Time: 39:12
Avg: 13:04 min/mile

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