Monday, April 09, 2007

don't get it

Last week, my mileage was pretty low comparatively speaking. I think I barely hit 20 miles. This week will be even less. The taper before a race is kinda nice. So far I'm not getting that "I really should be running more" feeling, but we will see. The hunger isn't as bad as it was a week or so ago, and maybe that explains what I'm confused about.

Last week, I attempted to follow the weight watchers core plan. I didn't really count the stuff that I ate that wasn't on core, I allowed myself to eat low fat cheese and vanilla soy milk without counting it. I ate out with friends and ordered what I wanted. I ate bites of dessert (mmmmm...nutella crepe...mmmmm). I drank alcohol (had to celebrate passing my second bar - yep passed Illinois, I'm gonna be double barred). Essentially, what I'm saying is that I didn't really follow the plan at all. I didn't feel guilty about it and I didn't eat until stuffed, and I generally ate healthy foods (fruit, veggies, low fat cheese, meat and whole grains), but certainly shouldn't have lost any weight. But I did. I don't really know how this happened, and I'm convinced that its just a fluxuation and that tomorrow I'll be up a pound or so. I hope I'm wrong and that kinda sort of following core, when putting in some semi-serious millage (20 miles in a week is nothing to sneeze at), works. Still, I don't get it.

Weight: 157.6 (official ww weight)
Miles: 6 (well, that's what I'm running tonight to kinda sort of make up for the 8 I was supposed to run yesterday in combination with the 2 that are in my dayplanner).

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