Monday, April 09, 2007


Today's run was really bad. It started out great and ended just terribly.

I'll start with the worst first. I almost hit a bicyclist on my way out of the park. I was entirely at fault. I just didn't see him until I almost pulled right into him. I know that is no excuse, and I'm so grateful that he started screaming at me as soon as he saw me pulling out. It probably saved his life. As a bicyclist, I'm horrified by this, mortified really. Is there really a hand gesture that's appropriate to say, "ummm...sorry I almost hit you, really glad you aren't dead?" or "screaming at me is totally appropriate, and I'm a moron." I don't think I found the proper response (well, other than slamming on my breaks and not hitting the guy). It still freaks me out; I just wasn't expecting a bicycle to come flying around that corner. Next time I will be.

Then there was the run itself. I started having to pee about a mile in. So every restroom I came to, I tried to go in to use. Only they were all locked. As I came up to the third restroom, I crossed a rock path and ran up the grass. No luck, so I was going to keep heading done the path. I jogged back towards the running trail, needing to cross the rock path (aka drainage ditch) again. I didn't do it so well the second time. I turned my left ankle and fell almost flat on my face. My ankle hurt, my hands hurt, and one of my knees hurt. I decided it would be better to walk back to my car than to finish the run. After walking for about 5 minutes, I realized that my knee and ankle felt fine, so I ran back to the car. I only ran about 4 today, but I didn't want to risk greater injury at this stage in the game. My only lasting damage are some cuts on my hand. I think the distraction from feeling slightly injured may have created some of my stupidity when I was leaving the park.

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