Thursday, April 05, 2007

If you could...

Not that long ago, I was out at a restaurant sitting around a big round table with a group of people I didn't know (well, I knew one other person at the table, but even him, not so much). The discussion turned into one of those almost never have I ever conversations, but clearly no one really wanted to get into that discussion unless there was a lot more alcohol available. So, the subject changed, and one guy asked - if you could change anything about yourself, physical or personality wise, what would you change?

Its a tough question. Not to sound cocky or whatever, but I generally like me. I wouldn't really change the person that I am, and I generally am alright with my looks. The biggie is probably my weight, but magically being 20 pounds thinner wouldn't help too much cause well, as long as I didn't change my eating habits, I would just gain it right back. So I thought for a bit and decided I would change my metabolism. I know I was blessed with a terrible metabolism. I'm from a family of overweight people who have been born to overweight people. In addition to genetics, I wasn't active or athletic as a child and that just sets you up for such a great metabolism later in life. So that's what I would change. It wouldn't solve the problem, but it would put me on a more level playing field.

So, what would you change if you could change anything about yourself?

Miles to run: 6 (skipped my run yesterday so I could take my bike in to the shop for its spring tune up)
Weight: 159


Cathy said...

I regret one thing in my life -- ever having started smoking. Though I have quit, I think the craving and the urge will haunt me forever. I worry about the damage I may have done and hope that somehow my lungs will forgive the black, delicious transgressions from my youth.

Elisabeth said...

I would give myself more willpower.

Amanda said...

I would get rid of my belly fat.

And I would rid myself of my illogical need to make everyone around me happy all the time (even at the expense of my own happiness.)