Thursday, April 19, 2007


I've been thinking about a pair of shoes lately. They were the perfect pair of summer sandals. They were cute and black and strappy and the heels weren't too high and the heels weren't too low. They looked great with a sexy dress or with work pants. They never caused blisters. They packed really easily. People were constantly complementing me on them.

These shoes didn't leave me because they went out of style, no, they died a glorious death that involved rubber bands, masking tape, dancing barefoot, and Boston. Its a night I won't soon forget, but it ended with my beloved shoes in a trash can. Its been over a year since that fateful night, and I haven't found any shoes to replace them. All the replacement shoes just can't live up - they cause blisters (I'd don't get blisters from running these days...noooo...just from damn uncomfortable shoes), the back strap falls off, they are too high, or too platformy. They just aren't perfect.

I told one of my coworkers about the perfect shoes the other day because they are the only shoes I have ever worn until they literally fell apart. Ever since then I've been thinking of those shoes. Today I decided to search for them. Maybe zappos could give me back my perfect shoes or ebay. Alas, its not to be. While the shoes are available on ebay, they aren't in my size. Anybody know what the name of those shoes is? It might help with the search. I think I need to move on...sigh...

Weight: 159.5
No running today

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