Wednesday, April 18, 2007

life is weird

So last night I continued my trend of picking up guys in weird places. This time was in the sauna of a gym I never go to but had paid for day pass so I could swim laps. I had just gotten done with forty-five minutes of swimming - nothing too strenuous, but a nice relaxing free style. Generally, I find swimming boring since you can't really listen to music while swimming (I don't have a waterproof ipod case), but yesterday's swim was pretty great. It helped me clear my mind and get through the general sadness that has been hanging over me since the events of Monday. Anyway, went into the sauna to sweat a little more and dry my hair a little bit (yeah I know that's weird too...but being in the sauna feels good). I ended up staying so I could talk to this guy - he was pretty nice and made me laugh. I couldn't have looked worse either - I had that ratty swimming hair. My face was completely red from being in the sauna. In other words, I did not look hot.

Nothing serious here cause the boy is leaving for boot camp (Marines) in less than a month, but that doesn't mean I can't have a little fun. Maybe the best part was that it came out in conversation that I am much thinner than I used to be. This is maybe the first time that I have told people about my weight issues from the beginning. It kinda feels nice being up front about this. Anyway, having dinner with him tomorrow.


Miles: 2.8 (30 minutes)
Weight: 160

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