Friday, May 11, 2007

and I just posted about being a feminist

I sort of debated about whether I should post this. I won't say who I received this email from and I'm kind of mortified that anyone would send this to me. I originally wanted to pretend like it didn't happen, but after I told e about it, she encouraged me to confront him and to tell you all. This decreases my faith in men. This is the email I received (copied word for word) today from a married man who was on law journal with me:

"You looked terrific at the bar ceremony. Did I notice a tan? And your hair was done? very sexy -- you're an impressive woman -- especially in a suit. I'm glad I was wearing loose pants when I watched you walk across the stage -- You have a confident walk, and it accentuates that small, sexy little butt you have.

Since I've been unsuccessful in getting you out for a drink, ;), we'll have to get lunch one of these days when it's warm an sunny outside -- Is it work approrpriate to wear those pants that only go to your calves? that are tight around your hips? ;) and a little sleevless shirt? --- just a suggestion. ;) -- but of course if you go out with me wearing something like this, you'll have to forgive me if I lean my head back once or twice to peek at that small, sexy little butt -- but I promise I won't make a scene, ;)"

In no world would this be an appropriate email to send to a professional acquaintance. Its particularly sleazy because said man is MARRIED. When I first began receiving flirtatious emails from him, I had forgotten this fact (I've never met his wife and he and I weren't good friends in law school). I flirted back, and we went out to lunch a couple times. When I realized he was married, I ditched him on a weekend evening when we were supposed to meet for drinks. I haven't seen or heard from him since then. Even still, I never expected to get such an email from him. I can't attribute this email to a "drunk email" - it was sent at 8:30 this morning.

The feminist in me is mortified that someone would be thinking that as I was handed my license to practice law. How degrading as a woman! I'm not sure what to do? Should I confront him and tell him that this email is not appropriate and that I do not want to talk to him again? Its sad cause I do enjoy his company (on a TOTALLY platonic level), but this is just not acceptable. Even if he wasn't married, this email would not be acceptable. I can't imagine why he thinks that this is something any woman would want to read. Am I wrong?

It just makes me sad...


Amanda said...

Ew. Just ew.

Elisabeth said...

Tell him it's not appropriate and to please leave you alone. He's an ass and no matter how much his company was enjoyable, it's not worth it.

Cathy said...

How VERY ew. I don't think I'd want to get such a superficial, sleazy email from someone I was even remotely romantically interested in. He clearly doesn't respect you for more than just your sexy butt. What a jackass. If it were me -- I might consider sending it to his wife. HA.