Friday, May 25, 2007

Vegan Pad Thai

So, when your lunch makes you want to vomit, you know you have done something terribly wrong. Lately, I've been attempting to eat vegetarian for most meals of the day - in part because it tends to be lower calorie and in part because its environmentally friendly. Anyway, I had purchased this vegan pad thai at whole foods cause I wanted a change for the wonderful Amy's Organic meals that I love so much. This was a mistake. The smell wasn't particularly appetizing, but I never let that rule my food decisions by itself. I've had some quite yummy frozen entrees that don't smell so great. What got me, though, was the taste and texture. Bleech! Luckilly the smell wasn't too strong so I didn't have to take the uneaten box out to the bathroom trash to dispose of the stink - it could just go in the regular trash can.

Then I found something else to eat in the cafeteria - yummy popcorn shrimp and french fries. Nothing about this was the healthiest option, but man was it good.

Weight: 161 (ug)

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Jeff said...

I completely agree with you. I eat mostly vegan and love Pad Thai, but for some reason the texture and taste of the frozen pad thai are really off. I haven't found one I liked yet. Cooking from home it comes out okay though. Also, home made green curry isn't too hard.

One of my favorites at Whole Foods are the Soy Chicken Nuggets. They are usually in the frozen section, although at some locations they have them pre-cooked in the take-out area. I think they are best eaten cold after they are overcooked.