Monday, May 07, 2007

cycling for a cause...

So, I don't normally link to other people's blogs. I actually read quite a few, but I figure with my audience mostly being six people I knew in college, I really don't have much advertising strength. That being said, one of my favorite blogs is Fat Cyclist. He's very funny and makes me wish I were an endurance cyclist. I feel like I know him, even though he wouldn't have the foggiest idea who I am if we ever met. He seems like a very cool guy, though. Right now, he's going through a rough patch - his wife's cancer has come back and she's in the middle of treatment. He's thinking about creating a pink jersey in her honor. The company that makes the jerseys isn't going make a profit on them, its a good jersey company, and the profits are going to cancer research and his wife's jewelry making hobby. I want one, this is something I really can support, and I just thought I would let you all know that its out there.

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