Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I hurt. Everywhere.

More honestly, I could say that I hurt everywhere below my chin. My head actually feels fine. The pain is a result of a fantastic weekend, though, so really its a good thing.

My exercise binge on Saturday has resulted in some somewhat lasting repercussions. My legs are still sore for the crazy amount of squats that we did in that sculpt and tone class. I don't think it helped much that I also did a spinning class and a two hour bike ride that day. Its not really suprising that every time I even looked at stairs the rest of the weekend, my legs screamed in protest. I had forgotten how much I hate squats, but man, I really do hate them. They make me hurt; they are boring; they make me want to hurt someone. Really nothing good about squats - other than the fact that they make my butt and legs look good ;-)

The rest of me hurts from the really fun activities of this weekend at the Lake of the Ozarks. I got driven around on a jet ski and well, I got thrown off 3 times (the driver claims only one of these times was intentional, but I have my doubts). It was a total blast, but my butt is SORE from slamming into the side of the jet ski on my way down. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time so it was totally worth the pain and the lost and gone forever sunglasses (at least they were cheap ones). My back, neck, shoulders, and arms are sore from the tubing. We got pulled around in a big tube and bounced around on the lake. I was holding on for my dear life, and again, a total blast. I felt like a teenager - part of that was probably going on the lake vacation with my parents and family friends, but part of it was just the joy of playing on the lake. It was great to relax in the sun, go for boat rides, play in the lake, and eat badly (oh, the best cookies and cakes, hot dogs and smores...mmmmmmm).

Weight: 161.5 (ug, but after my eating at the lake, not a big surprise - I gotta get this back under control!)


Elisabeth said...

Sounds like a brilliant weekend! I'm so glad you have fun and really let a loud laugh loose! :)

Cathy said...

I totally envy you being so active lately. I need to get back to it. Just.So.Busy. Must.Study.For.Nursing.Boards.
Miss you!! Let's catch up soon!!