Monday, May 07, 2007

wants to be big time

Memphis is weird. As my friend Matt put it, it wants to be a real grown up city, and it tries really really hard, but it just doesn't quite get it right. Take for example, the trolley. What is the point of the trolley? Does it actually function as a public transportation system even though it really doesn't go anyway? Is it really helpful that it travels the length of Main Street? Now, honestly, I shouldn't be criticizing other cities' public transportation systems because I live in St. Louis. In St. Louis, paying for "metrolink" is largely optional. Sometimes a guy gets on the train and makes sure that you have a valid ticket, but oftentimes he does not. Metrolink also doesn't really go anyway (well, it now goes to Clayton, downtown, and the airport) so again, I have no room to speak.

Another aspect of Memphis just not quite being a real city is the sports. I enjoyed my Redbirds game quite a bit, but I was not alone in the stadium in wearing Cardinals paraphernalia. Its a bit odd to be in a city 300 miles away from home and have the baseball fans be St. Louis fans. I love the Cards, but it seems odd. The Redbirds are the Cards' AAA minor league team, so it makes sense, but why not just wear Redbirds gear?

Well, one thing Memphis does right is Bar-B-Q, and I must admit that I partook. good, on Texas toast...

Also, I have a love for the Flying Saucer (its one of a chain of restaurants that pretends its not part of a chain) because of its pretzels and beer. Lots and lots of kinds of yummy beers, beer flights, ciders, and did I mention beer. The pretzels were also quite yummy. A trip to Memphis is worth the drive just for the visit to the Bar-B-Q Shop and the Flying Saucer.

As you can tell it was not a good weekend for my weight. Today, I'm trying something new - one of my friends just got licensed to teach Zumba and she is offering an experimental class (to work out the bugs of teaching a class before she agrees to do it at her gym). I'm really looking forward to it.

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