Friday, May 04, 2007

nothing much happening

Sorry, I haven't written since I got back from vacation. The cruise was good, not awesome, not terrible. All in all, I did alright on the eating plan (my weight last Monday at ww was 159.5 - so I was down from my last weigh in). I really don't have much to write about with it though. I refuse to complain in my online journal about a vacation that many people would kill for. I enjoyed spending some time with my family, enjoyed good food and wine, got minorly sunburned, and read 6 books. That about covers it.

This week the big change is that the 'rents are back from Florida. I wasn't expecting them until more like mid-month and thought I wouldn't have a lot of sharing the house time after their return. I was wrong. They came back last Wednesday, and its taking a bit of getting used to. I'm just not accustomed to someone wanting to talk to me at 7:50 as I eat my bowl of Kashi, watch reruns of Charmed, check my email, and get out of the house by 8:10. I'm not used to people wanting to know if I'll be home for dinner. I'm not used to having to think about when I can do laundry because other people are using the washer. I'm not used to parking on the curb and having to brave the rain. Really, so far the talking in the morning thing is the biggest problem. My mom has had several conversations with me already that I don't really recall at all. She talks, I grunt, and apparently she thinks that we have communicated about something. I'm not a morning person. The nice thing is that they make me coffee in the morning - I think its to make me more of a human being.

Oh, one more thing I'm not used to, the body image comments from my mother. This morning, she asked me "Oh, so I see you are wearing the size 8 pants today." I responded that I wasn't, that I was wearing the size 10 pants (not something I'm either happy or proud about). I didn't ask her, but I immediately began wondering what she meant by that comment. So much so that when I got to work, I asked one of my coworkers if my pants looked too tight on me. Was my mom trying to tell me that my pants looked to small and I needed to move up a size? Was she trying to say that it didn't look like I was wearing the ginormous size 12 pants (I didn't own size 10 pants - yes they are all the same, gotta love ann taylor triacetate - when she left to go to Florida so I either wore the kinda small on me size 8s or the way big on me size 12). I don't know. Having her here commenting on the way I look, what I'm wearing for makeup, and my clothing choices is really bad for my self image.

To make the sharing the house time longer, I was a nice person and told my future landlord that we would be ok with moving in a little over a week late because the current tenant is having problems with the house he is building. This means that I need to come up with ways to be out of the house. This weekend, I'm headed to Memphis to catch a AAA baseball game, drink some beer, eat some BBQ, and maybe hang out a little on Beale Street. Next weekend, I'm thinking a possible trip to Chicago. I recently figured out that I have to stay here for Memorial day weekend because my godparents' daughter's (and one of my best friends from childhood's) wedding is that Saturday. I had been thinking of a trip either to NY to visit my friend Courtney or ABQ to visit Elisabeth. Now neither of those trips will happen for a little while.

The one other trip option I'm thinking about right now is for the first weekend in June (my last weekend living with the 'rents). There is this bike trip in Southern Illinois. I've never done a bike trip before, and this one looks really doable for me. Its on a rails-to-trails bike trail and you ride 35 miles a day. 35 miles is longer than any of my rides last year (longest I did was about 30), but I really think 35 is not unreasonable, especially since we wouldn't really be doing hills (rails-to-trails). The price is reasonable considering it includes lodging and some food. I've got to make a decision by May 10 if I want to register, and I really think I might. Its the kind of thing I've wanted to do for a while. Any thoughts?

Weight: 160.5 (home scale - I don't like it, but its that time of the month so whatever)
Worked out 3 days this week with some minor running. Its amazing how quickly you lose the leg/lung power. But, part of it was the one of those runs was in 90 degree temps and you all know how I feel about running in the heat (ICK!)

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