Monday, February 19, 2007

coming to accept my singleness

So, I recently broke up with a boy. There really was nothing "wrong" with this boy. He is nice, and not ugly, and not stupid, and not bad in bed. The problem was that he is nice and not ugly and not stupid and not bad in bed, but also not extraordinary in any real way that I could tell. I'm coming to realize that I expect something more than ordinary in someone I want to spend some real time with. Unless someone brings something to the table that challenges me/makes me happier/makes me a better person, I'm not really interested any more. I have plenty of great friends to spend my time with, and honestly, I don't mind being alone. I enjoy my own company (man doesn't this sounds like I'm full of myself).

None of this is to say that guys may not find me completely ordinary if I don't show them what is so special about me. I'm sure there is something extraordinary about that guy I just ended my relationship with, but I gave him a month and he still hadn't shown me what it was by that time. After a month of still feeling "eh," it was time to move on. The main reason I had stuck things out so long was that he was so "nice," but lately he hadn't even been fitting that description quite so well. He essentially nominated me to make Valentine's day dinner and then utterly failed to carry his end of the meal (couldn't bring side dishes, couldn't pick out wine on his own, and then showed up with an alright bottle of Chardonnay...that was warm). Also, he displayed a complete lack of interest in something that means a great deal to me, didn't ask a single question about it, and asked why I was even mentioning such a thing when he thought we were headed to bed. I think this last thing sealed his doom...

Anyway, as a result, I'm no longer looking for a while. I don't need a guy to feel great about myself and my life. I'm quite happy alone or hanging out with friends. So, if I mean someone great, wonderful. If I keep hanging out with friends and enjoying the company of others, but not a particular romantic interest, so be it. I'm done feeling bad about being single.

Miles run: 7 (and it felt GREAT - YAY 50 degree temps!!)
Weight: 158 (last time I checked, but who knows really - its been days since I last stepped on a scale and I've had a couple of very bad days of binging. That stops tonight, tomorrow I'm back on track!)

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