Sunday, February 11, 2007

Who cares about Anna Nicole Smith?

I've got to admit that this one has been bugging me since Friday when I had my great run. I didn't want to bitch about it then because it had no place in that blog post, but honestly, why is this the lead story on CNN? I mean, ok, she died. Ok, she had a case before the Supreme Court. Ok, her baby daddy might be Howard Stern. Why am I supposed to care? Seems like she's just one more trashy girl who could have gone on Montel with like 8 men getting paternity tests and that Montel would have to come out and tell her, I'm sorry but none of these men are your baby daddy.

Honestly, is this how celebrity obsessed our society has become? People are dying in Iraq, Barack Obama announces that he is running for President, and the lead story is Anna Nicole...really? I haven't been following the story, but every time I flip through a news channel, there it is, another scandal being talked about regarding her death. Personally, I think its a sad event for her family and the people who cared about her, especially that little baby, but its not something our society should care about. I can't believe I'm really contributing to this - but I had to voice my disapproval. Like OJ confession book, this is a news story I intend to boycott.

Weight: 156 (homescale)
Miles: 6 (outside - wooo for the first time in 2 weeks, thank god for our brief warm up!) This is the week that my millage is going to start ramping up - next week's long run is 7 miles (one mile shorter than the longest run I've ever done)

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