Saturday, February 03, 2007

folk fest...

So last night I went to the St. Louis Folk Festival. It was quite a diverse crowd. There were a lot of crunchy granola types there, but then there were people like me (semi-professional types, still wearing their work clothes), then there were the 55 year olds who remembered the good old days, and finally the families. The concert itself was pretty awesome. The three bands played for over three hours. I went to the concert because this band that iTunes had introduced me to was playing. They were the third band, and while I really enjoyed the performance, I thought that one of the band members was a little flat on his solo portions of the songs. I did get to hear two of my favorite songs by the band, though (even though they didn't do my absolute favorite song).

The other thing that was interesting about the concert was that it was in conjunction with conference on domestic violence being held at my law school today. I had no idea...and in some ways it got to be a big much. Every one of the bands kept talking about it. I sort of wondered if I was the only person who didn't know ahead of time that was such a huge part of the concert. It didn't really make a difference, but it did influence which songs they were playing.

Weight: 157 (home day of my weigh in!)
Miles (yesterday): 2 (21:15)
No miles for today

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