Sunday, February 04, 2007


So, one thing I can say about the inspires complete gluttony in me. Something about the sitting around watching football with friends while massive quanities of food sit out on a nearby table just makes me eat, and eat, and eat. All in all, I didn't do that badly tonight. Part of it was that I did an hour on the treadmill today (yay 5 mile run - booo being on the treadmill) so I had some extra calories to burn and part of it was that I limited myself to diet pepsi instead of beer.

My real of my friends made chocolate fondue. She had available: marshmellows, strawberries, graham crackers, cookies....mmmmmm. Plus, they had these yummy chedder pretzel things. So, I used 12 flex points in addition to the 8 activity points that my hour long run had earned me. That means I ate about 2,000 calories or so today - not too bad, by not particularly good. I'm actually kind of pleased with myself because I ate a lot, but I didn't eat until I was sick. My tummy feels full and happy - not like I need to vomit. This is a big deal for me. I tend to lose complete control in situations like this. Anyway, I anticipate that my weight will be up slightly tomorrow, but honestly if you can't be bad every once in a while, this just isn't worth it.

Weight: 155 (home scale)
Official weight for the week: 156.8 (weight watchers yesterday)
Miles: 5 (54:10 plus 6 minutes of walking to cool down)

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