Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Chocolate Bar

So last night, I went to this restaurant here that's a bit of a romantic place with one of my friends for dessert after a long day of apartment hunting, shopping, and just generally hanging out. Going out to dessert after our healthy dinner of shashimi and seaweed salad was probably not the best idea for my diet, but hey, sometimes a girl wants a little bread pudding. The dessert was actually really mediocre.

But the dessert wasn't the bad part. The Chocolate Bar, the dessert restaurant, is in a neighborhood known as Lafayette Square. Now, I like this neighborhood, and I used to go to a yoga studio on the same street as the Chocolate Bar. As we walked past the yoga studio, I commented how it was sad that I couldn't go there anymore. I didn't explain why. Then we go in the restuarant, get seated in the main part of the room, and start looking through the menu. The girl I was with was facing out into the main part of the room and she was looking at something so I glanced behind me to look, and then I did a double take. Turns out she was looking out into the room cause this guy was obviously staring at me. He's the reason that I can't go to that yoga studio anymore. This is the guy I was afraid was reading my blog and so I changed my blog's address. This is the guy who my friends were afraid was going to hurt me because he had a tendancy to get jealous.

Anyway, he's sitting at a table a few feet away from us, BY HIMSELF. This isn't the kind of restaurant that I would ever go to by myself. The walls are painted red, and its intended to be a late night date place, although I think it gets maybe more of its business from groups of girls just going out for dessert. The food menu solely consists of yummy desserts and cheeses. Its dimly lit with rose at every table and your water is served out of wine bottles that they leave on the table. The sugar cubes for the coffee are heart shaped. You get the idea...its sad and weird to be sitting at a table at this place by yourself. And...there is a bar area in the front of the restaurant where it wouldn't seem so weird to be sitting by yourself. People probably wouldn't even notice. But, how can you not notice the sad looking GUY sitting by himself in the romantic red room. My heart plummeted when I saw him. I did not want to say hi, and luckily it seems neither did he. I feel bad for him, and I'm so glad I ended that relationship.

Still, its funny to me that there are places that I consider it inappropriate to go alone on a Saturday night. At the sushi place where we ate dinner, there was a guy sitting behind us alone. He was wearing a suit, and had his overcoat over the chair next to him, and even though it was a Saturday night, I didn't really think that he looked sad. Nothing struck me as sad and weird about him grabbing a bite of sushi alone at 5:30 in the evening. I wonder why I make such a distinction...would I thought my ex was weird for going to the Chocolate Bar alone at 8 pm on a Saturday if I hadn't known him? I don't know...

Miles: (to run today) 10 (yikes...but it might end up being 11.2 cause I think I'm just going to do 2 laps of the park and just walk the last mile or so).
Weight: 158 (yeah, I don't get the fluxuations, but whatever)

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