Wednesday, March 28, 2007

sigh - no running today

To answer your question, Elisabeth - yes, I do like running sometimes. Sometimes I even love it. I feel better after I do it and I generally feel better about myself knowing that I am a runner. That being said, some days, I hate it, and I only run because the runs are written in my day planner.

Speaking of written in my day planner, I am supposed to run 5 miles tonight, but its not gonna happen. I had a doctors appointment at 11:15 this morning with a dermatologist. My OBGYN had freaked me out about one mole, plus I've got some feet issues from running that needed a prescription. I didn't think that the dermatologist would do anything today, though cause the mole my new OBGYN was freaked out about was a mole that I have had at least since I was 13 years old. Generally, if they have been around that long (even if they are big), you don't have much to worry about. I did have another mole that has been worrying me for some time, but I kept being assured by docs (like the above OBGYN) that it wasn't big enough to worry about. So I assumed the derm would take a look at the moles, give me a prescription for the feet and send me on my way. No such luck.

Right now my shoulder feels like I slept on it badly because I had two moles removed. My whole shoulder/neck area hurts - guess the local he gave me didn't last all afternoon. The derm ended up taking off two moles and is sending them off to be biopsied. One on the front of my shoulder (the one that concerned me but not my other doc) and a mole on my back that I didn't even know was there. The derm assured me that I really shouldn't worry and that likely everything will come out hunky dory. I'm not at all stressed about the mole biopsy process - other than the fact that I once had a super super bad burn on my shoulders - but I think running is out for tonight. My shoulder hurts too much. Hopefully I can run these five tomorrow night instead.

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Elisabeth said...

Thanks for answering my question!! Hope your mole's okay and your shoulder feels better!