Monday, March 05, 2007

word to the wise

Mexican food and distance running don't mix. In the future, I highly recommend not eating gross tamales, tortilla chips, and some very bad fried ice cream, drinking a margarita, and then attempting to run 8 miles. You might be able to run the 8 miles, but you will not enjoy it.

Tonight, that's exactly what I did. On a treadmill. In a stagnant gym. I hadn't run in over a week because of the Illinois bar and then this awful cold that I just haven't been able to kick. I've finally been able to breathe out of both sides of my nose again today (even though more of it is in my chest) so I decided it was ok to run today. I needed to do 8 or I knew that the 10 I'm supposed to run next Sunday would be killer. Let's just say that the 8 tonight nearly killed me by itself. I've never gotten off a treadmill before feeling like I might barf, while my entire body was shaking. I think, this was not a good run.

The first two miles weren't too bad. They were tedious cause I was intentionally holding myself to a very slow pace, but generally I felt great. I got a little bit of side stitch near the end of mile 2, but controlling my breathing made it go away. By the end of mile 3 the burbing starting. Disgusting tamales didn't taste too good the second time around either. I was still doing pretty well all the way through mile 6, but then at mile 7 I could feel my blood pounding in my head. Even minute seemed like an eternity and I really felt sluggish and ill. I think I had become seriously dehydrated at that point (hmmm...drinking alcohol before running 8 miles is not a good idea...shocker...). I wasn't sure if I could do the last mile, but I was bound and determined. I hadn't run 7 painful miles to give up during the 8th. I survived and I did it in the time I set out to, but please remember - Mexican food and drinks and distance running are not a happy mix.

Miles: 8 (95:45)
Weight: who the hell cares! I ran 8 miles tonight!!


Cathy said...

Someone ought to make a really comprehensive list on what's bad to eat/drink before a run. I learned that lesson with a ceasar salad and again after a steak dinner. Congrats on 8, though! I'm aiming for 7.5 this weekend. I hate the treadmill.

Elisabeth said...

Um. You run after eating? Ugh. My stomach feels ill just thinking about it!