Monday, March 26, 2007

lesson learned

(1) Body glide is my friend. I bought body glide last year because my big clunky ipod was causing chafing when I was running. Since I replaced the big clunky ipod, I hadn't needed the body glide anymore. Now, I need it again. Even wearing capri running tights, I still managed to get chafed in my inner thighs and lower butt. Its not cute, but its the truth. Next time I go for a long run, I will apply body glide ahead of time (for those who don't know, body glide is a ant-friction thing that comes in a container that looks like deoderant - people apply it to prevent blisters on the feet and chafing everywhere else - I've heard that its really loved by people in the military who have feet issues).

(2) I need water. I thought I was gonna die before I got to the restaurant where I bought water at mile 7 yesterday. There were no water fountains and I wasn't carrying any water on my body. At one point the stream/drainage ditch running next to the Katy trail actually looked inviting. On my way back, I was heartbroken by a coke vending machine that didn't work - I still had 2 miles to get back to my car and I had been dreaming about that coke since about miles 10.

(3) Vanilla bean Gu is more gross than Vanilla Powergels. I won't go so far as to say that Vanilla Powergels are better because they are both gross, but Gu is worse.

(4) I don't like running on a long flat trail. Its boring; I get rocks in my shoes (and that really sucks), and its hot - very little shade.

(5) I don't like running in the heat. Yesterday was probably about 85 degrees in St. Louis. I already knew I didn't like running in the heat, its why I didn't run most of last summer. But, having it reconfirmed was a good thing. I'd much rather run in 19 degree temps than 90 degree ones. I know this is weird, but its true. When its hot out there are so many things I'd rather be doing than running, whereas when its cold, running is sort of my only option (its not like we get a lot of snow here).

(6) I'm really ready for this half marathon to be over. In fact, if Cathy weren't signed up to do it with me, I might back out at this point. I miss having my weekends free and being able to enjoy a gorgeous afternoon by peddeling away on my bike. I miss my bike. I hate having to devote almost my entire Sunday to running. I don't want to get up early, but then I have to plan everything else around my long run for the day and after I'm finished, I'm kind of useless. Next weekend I'm going to try to do my long run early in the morning on either Saturday or Sunday with a friend. Maybe then I could have some of my Sunday back.

Weight: 157.5 (I'm joining ww at work today, don't know if I will be able to do it until the half is over, but I'm going to try)
Miles: 2 (to run)

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Cathy said...

1) I'm totally ready for it to be over, too. But I'm totally stoked to be coming out there to at least spend 2.5 hours with you -- even if our asses hurt immensely afterward.

2) I need body glide. Where would one procure it? I feel you on the lower ass bit.

3) I'm exhausted and feel like I'm going to totally blow this race. I'm going to need mucho motivation and pep from you. :) 12 hour shifts back to back to back are murder and on top of that, no time to run.

4) All that being said, I'm really excited. I already picked out my "race outfit". :) Hey, even the walkers gotta look cute.