Tuesday, March 20, 2007

outwitted by a 3 year old (well, he's almost three)

Last weekend, I spent some quality time with the family. I flew up to Chicago with my grandmother to spend a couple nights with my brother, my sister-in-law, and the two munchkins. One of the munchkins cannot yet walk, talk, or even crawl so really she's just a cute bucket of poop. Always great to see how much she has changed since the last time I saw her, and she is especially smiley for a baby, but she's not really a person yet. She's still definitely more of a proto-person.

The same cannot be said for my nephew. He will be turning 3 in about a month (the same day as the half-marathon, actually), and he is definitely a little person. My nephew, wjr, has strong opinions, and some (including his preschool teacher), might call him a little bossy. Apparently, he has decided that I am not an adult, but instead am another child that he can tease and tell what to do. I often find myself "in jail" for non-existent offenses that include: banging on the wall or talking too loud (well, this may not be non-existent). Sunday morning he was especially out to get me. His mom was still sleeping in, and wjr disappeared for a little while. I found him up in his room. When I entered, I was told that I had to stay in there, and he proceeded to close the door. I figured we were back playing one of our games, so I let myself be closed off in his room...and then later "made my escape." At this point it was too late, though. wjr had woken up his mom cause he had decided that she had slept enough. My brother couldn't help but tease me that I had been outsmarted by a 2 year old. Ahhh...yes.

Then at breakfast, I was taunted. We went out to brunch, and my brother ordered wjr a kids order of pancakes. My brother cut them up for him and applied a modest amount of syrup. wjr was not pleased with the modest amount of syrup and requested more. This was not an unreasonable request so my brother passed the syrup to my grandmother to put on his pancakes. Unfortunately, my grandmother didn't think things through and handed the nearly full thing of syrup to the 3 year old. Not a good idea. I immediately attempted to take it away (as my brother was requesting), but had wjr put it in his far away hand holding it out as far away from himself (and me) as possible. I couldn't reach it...and then, this is where the taunting comes in...wjr just turned around and grinned. That kid KNEW he had me beat. In the end I persevered and got the syrup away from him, but not before getting extremely frustrated and covered in syrup. Lesson learned...when at brunch with a 3 year old, make one of his parents sit next to him...and don't give grandma the syrup.

Weight: 156.5
Miles: 3 (32:00 yesterday) none today

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