Thursday, March 15, 2007

Let's go out tonight...

So, I know why I haven't managed to save all that much money while I have been living in my parents house this winter. First, I'm not totally without expenses. I pay my parents about $300 a month for utilities and cable and stuff. I also have a very substantial student loan payment to make each month, and I did have to pay for all ofmy Illinois bar expenses out of my pocket. Finally, I went a bit crazy at Christmas - both in buying for myself and buying for other people.

The thing is, I've really got enough money even with all of that that I should be able to save plenty each month. I've paid off much of my credit card debt, and I have some money in the bank (enough for a rent deposit and first month's rent on my future apartment), but I haven't really saved anything substantial.

I think I know why. I spend far too much money on food. Now, part of that is that I spend a lot at the grocery store each week. I buy plenty of fresh produce and have no problem spending money on more expensive things (think red peppers and pacific rose apples) in order to get better taste. Still, that's not where the majority of my food money is going. That is going to dining out with one of my friends. I almost never eat dinner at home, but instead meet people out most nights of the week. I eat at Maggianos or PF Chang's or local independent restaurants, and it all adds up. Now, I am unwilling to give up the hanging out with my friends time, but I have to curb this crazy spending. Those wait staff members should not be getting such a big chunk of my paycheck. The problem is, I live so soo soooo far away from everyone that I can't just have people over to dinner. I really do think that moving might save me money (as crazy as that seems right now).

Also, this dining out business is playing havoc with my diet. I think it might be one of the biggest reasons I'm having trouble with the weight loss. So, I need to eat at home more or at least eat at restaurants less.

Oh, and I saw train boy again last night - sucks that he is likely leaving my fair city within the month and never coming back.

Weight: unknown
Miles: attempted to run 4 last night, had to stop due to knee pain (OH NO!) after mile 2, but did another mile or so on the elliptical with no pain.

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