Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Wanna go shopping?

Apparently, I'm exuding the "I'm a hot single girl" vibe right now. I don't really get it. Tonight in the parking lot of my local grocery store, I got picked up. The opening line was..."hey, I like your car, how many miles do you have on it?" Normally, I wouldn't respond to some random guy leaning out his car window, talking to me, but I thought maybe he was interested in buying my car. Now, its not for sale, but the air conditioning doesn't work so I would probably take a good offer if it was made on my car. Turns out, dude, just thinks I'm cute. He asks me where I go to school, and I actually talked to him. When did I become girl that random guys try to pick up? Is this normal? Do other women experience the grocery store parking lot pickup? Its not like he tried to pick me up in the produce aisle...that I would find totally normal ;-)

I'm not really interested in this guy. He's cute, but it was apparent that he hadn't gone to college - and the parking lot thing was less cute and more weird than the train thing. Still, I gave him my number. I guess we will see if he calls (sadly, haven't heard from train boy since I received that text message last Wednesday) so I'll be screening my phone calls for the next week or so.

Miles: 1.7 (walking on treadmill - god my thighs hurt today)
Weight: 157.5

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Heather said...

This is random, but I will fully admit to being an internet stalker... especially of former Gamma Phi's (found you through Elisabeth through Christin, maybe...)

In any case, way to go on the pick-ups *and* on training for a half-marathon. I totally think that is the best race distance ever, as you still seem pretty freaking hardcore to everyone, you train hard, you run long... but it is not a take-over-your-life, run-all-day marathon commitment. :-) If you ever want to get some advice or have a running community, check this forum out: www.runango.com

Also, if you are ever looking for someone to talk fitness or running or weight loss or any of that stuff... I would love to! hadebb@gmail.com
end of stalking now,
heather :)